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Are you already in business but don’t have a website?


This is crucial. It’s now a fact than when many potential customers see your ad, they’ll look for you on the web and if they can’t find you, you stand to lose business, plain and simple. If computers and the Internet scare you still (you’re not alone), then don’t worry as we can help you in your journey.

Your potential customers are fed a daily diet of ‘watchdog’ type TV programs and the result is that they generally think most companies are out to rip them off. A web-site goes a long way to establishing your credibility and professionalism IF it’s done right which we are the BEST!

As well as that, you’re missing out on a huge new market that’s getting bigger all the time. And don’t think for a minute that your business won’t benefit - it doesn’t matter what your business does; whoever your customers are I bet many of them are online!

You’ve found us just at the right time. If you already have a business but no web-site then contact us today and we will show you how to drastically increase your revenue starting with the basics.


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What’s all the Fuss About?

Money makes the world go around whether you like it or not. How well businesses are doing depends on how profitable they are of course. How profitable a business is obviously depends on how many customers they reach and how much they can keep their overheads low. The Internet enabled any size of business to suddenly reach the entire globe and to dispense with the need for expensive main street locations in many cases. The whole prospect was to change the way businesses would trade forever.

People got carried away from the flawed belief that everyone would only do business on the Internet; something you know with hindsight to be completely foolish.

The rest is history. Now, a business doesn’t exist unless they have a presence on the web. To add to that, one-man band entrepreneurs have realized the huge potential of a level-playing field and the cost savings of no offices resulting in a deluge of new web-sites appearing every day. Anyone can publish a web-site and everyone has access to the net. The question is how will you profit from all this? Once you’ve decided on your product or service, the answer is threefold:

1) Building a website that gets results and draws your customers to your site!

2) Keeping those customers coming back forever.

3) Anticipating what they’ll want next.

Indeed, these three key areas should go some way to helping you find your idea of what to sell on that site. But those three areas are nothing new; they should be the fundamental guiding principles for every business out there. What we’re here for is to put those areas into the context of the Internet.

You need to re-wire yourself first and foremost if you are new to the web. You need to be wired for the web and understand the differences to prosper from it.

The first step in ‘re-wiring’ your head for the concept is language - the jargon - which is why we’ll shortly go over some definitions and simplify the basic idea. Now let’s look at six reasons why the Internet has exploded to set the scene and give you an understanding of your customers.

This is a very important of your study as it is vital to know the environment you’ll be trading in and the conditions that have precipitated your potential success.

1) Shorter product life-cycles.

The fast pace of new technology has meant manufacturers have needed to replace products faster than ever. This is why when you buy the latest gadget, a better and cheaper one comes out the following week! Keep your site updated, we can help you do this!

2) Faster Living.

It’s a fact that workers of this generation have less free time than any other in history. Whether you think this is good or not, time has become the most valued commodity. The reason is the communications revolution caused by the Internet. Just think how long things took before faxes, emails and computers! The speeding up in communication has allowed employers to give more productive work to their employees resulting in less spare time for them- but increased efficiency.

As you will see shortly, this trait of modern times is an important factor when it comes to making people buy from your web-site.

3) Too much information.

It’s estimated by historians that humans created as much data in the last 30 years as they did in the previous 3,000! People are, and always have been, hungry for knowledge. It’s just that with the Internet combined with TV etc. are suffering an information overload. Like a child in a candy-store, they’ve gorged themselves… to the point of being unable to discern truth from fiction.

As a result, the appetite has become more quality than quantity orientated. The emphasis has shifted from devouring as much data as possible to filtering out the bits they want.

This should be something you bear in mind with all your advertising, not just your web-site! When we build your website quality is our first and foremost mission.

4) Shortened attention spans.

Resulting from number 3! It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a customer’s attention. Just do a quick exercise will you? Take your typical week and just think how many messages you’re exposed to; the newspapers, the TV, billboards, radio, web-sites…..

In the 1970s we saw an average of 1,000 images a day it’s estimated. By the 1990s that had risen to 3,000. In the next decade, it’s expected to rise to 10,000! So what? So your message to your customer- your web-site experience and your central message - must be meaningful and stand out to them in the quagmire of images out there. When Encore builds a website we keep this in mind the whole way through your project! Contact us today, Click here!

5) Free Trade.

Pre-Internet, it was simple to corner the market simply by being the only person in the area to offer a certain product. If you were closed for the day, well that was tough. The Internet means that everyone competes with everyone; open 24-7 and selling just about all you can sell. This is good news for you and bad news for the large corporations! Over 300 million people are online just waiting to buy!

6) More switched-on consumers

People have never been so price-aware and suspicious of companies; they know all the tricks and aren’t afraid to refund and even take legal action. The Internet has one of its most useful applications to people in the form of comparing quotes. Indeed, several web-sites are purposely built for people to compare quotes between utility suppliers.

As you can see, commerce is incredibly different now from just ten years ago. For the few who can capitalize on this fact, the rewards are immense. These six changes are nothing compared to the changes that will be evolving over the next decade; by getting ‘re-wired’ now, you’ll be at the forefront of the charge.


Point being is if you have a business without a website you will one day have no business at all. If you are a person looking to make money or just get your word out online, the internet is the way to go and here at Encore Site Design we will do that just for you every step of the way. Contact us today, Click here!



Top 10 Search Engine Positioning Mistakes

There are common mistakes that people seem to keep repeating when it comes to search engine optimization. Below is a list of mistakes that if avoided can save you stress and frustration.

Choosing The Wrong Keywords

Choosing the right keywords to optimize your site is the first thing you should do in your search engine optimization campaign. All your time and energy in trying to get your site a high ranking will be wasted if you choose the wrong keywords. If you, end up choosing keywords that won't bring in targeted traffic, or choose keywords no one will search for, being in the top ten rankings won’t have much meaning.

Meta Keyword Tags

Many sites list hundreds of keywords in the Meta Keywords tag, in the hope that they will be able to get a high ranking for those keywords. But that’s not how it works. The fact is, the Meta Keywords tag has more or less lost its importance with regard to search engine positioning. The fact is, just by listing keywords in the Meta Keywords tag will never get you a high ranking. To get a high ranking for keywords, you have to put your keywords into the actual body content of your site.

Repeating Keyword

People also make the mistake of repeating their target keywords in the body of their pages and in their Meta Keywords tags over and over. The search engines watch for this, because so many people have used this tactic. They may even penalize a site that repeats keywords in this manner. You, of course, can repeat your keywords a number of times but, they should make grammatical sense in your pages. Repeating keywords endlessly no longer works. A keyword should probably not be used more than a few times in your Meta Keywords tag.

Optimize One Keyword For All Search Engines

Many people presume that since the programming of each search engine is different, different pages for each search engines should be created. This theory is actually counter-productive. The problem is that this practice will end up creating hundreds of pages, which can quickly become unmanageable. The amount of time you would have to spend updating that many pages would be a nightmare. Furthermore, although the pages would be meant for different engines, they would actually end up being pretty similar to each other. The search engines are capable of detecting if a site has created these types of similar pages. They may penalize or even ban you from their index. Instead of creating different pages for different search engines, create one page which is optimized for one keyword for all the search engines.

Using Hidden Text

Hidden text is textual content which your visitors cannot see, but which is still readable by the search engines. The idea is to load a Web page with keywords and keyword phrases that would be unsightly to visitors but that would improve the page's rankings in the search engine results, and to do so without letting your visitors see the text. Hidden text is identified as search spam by each of the major search engines.

Text with the same color as the background color of your page is hidden text. For example, if the background color of your page is white and you have added some white text to that page, that is considered to be hidden text. Some webmasters try to make their pages as keyword rich as possible, in order to get high rankings in the search engines. There is a limit to the number of keywords you can repeat in a page without making it sound strange. To make certain that visitors don't perceive the text to be odd, webmasters add text (containing the keywords) with the same color as the background color. This ensures that while the search engines can see the keywords, visitors cannot. Search engines have caught on to this technique, and ignore or penalize the pages that contain hidden text. They may also penalize the entire site if even one of the pages in that site contains hidden text.

Search engines have been vigilant about fighting efforts to manipulate their results since 1997, and the method described above is forbidden by each of the major search engines. Google has led the way in the fight against spam since this began. Using any of these techniques can result in your site being permanently banned from the major search engines. If your webmaster or search engine optimization consultant is employing any of these techniques, they are playing a game of cat and mouse with the search engines and your website is the mouse.

Graphic Pages

Text is all search engines understand. Graphics are not a part of their understanding capabilities. Therefore, if your site contains lots of graphics but little text, it is unlikely to get a high ranking in the search engines. To improve your rankings, you need to replace the graphics with keyword rich text for the search engine spiders to feed on.

Using Page Cloaking

Page cloaking is a technique used to deliver different web pages under different circumstances. People generally use page cloaking for two reasons: 1) to hide the source code of their search engine optimized pages from their competitors and 2) to prevent visitors from having to see a page that looks good to the search engines but does not necessarily look good to visitors. The problem with this is that when a site uses cloaking, it prevents the search engines from being able to spider the same page that their users are going to see. And if the search engines can't do this, they can no longer be confident of providing relevant results to their users. Therefore, if a search engine discovers that a site has used cloaking, it is likely to ban the site from their index indefinitely.

Automatic Submission Software

In order to save time, many people use an automatic submission software or service to submit their sites to the major search engines. It is true that submitting your site manually to the search engines takes a lot of time and that an automatic submission tool can help you save time. However, the search engines don't like automatic submission tools and may ignore your pages if you use them.

Submitting Pages

Submitting too many pages per day to the search engines is a mistake. Search engines ignoring many of the pages that have been submitted from a site can be the result. Ideally, you should submit no more than 1 page per day to the search engines. While many search engines accept more than 1 page per day from a particular domain, there are some that only accept 1 page per day. Therefore, by limiting yourself to a maximum of one page per day, you’ll ensure you stay within the limits of all the search engines.

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